Letter: On SWAT

By Vincent St. Pierre

Editor, the Gauntlet,

While reading the joint opinion piece by the SWAT squad on the election posters for Election-2010 I had the joy of noting that there was no mention of either my platform or my posters in the categories you lambasted others in. Specifically, you targeted people on the issue of “middle of the road politicians smear the walls of the university with grainy photos, unfunny slogans, cliche poses and empty promises…” I am proud to have exceeded expectations and escaped the hard hammer of the hot-headed heated hemming hemlock of the SWAT team.

Issue being, however, is that I aimed to draw the ire, or at least the humour, of the panel with my V for Vendetta-esque posters along with my “1/3 Party Animal, 1/3 Visionary, 1/3 Hard Work, and 100% Awesome” posters. I even went above and beyond the regular poster riff-raff and went with an all with a green theme I hoped to at least garner some gleam of attention from the annual SWAT squad.

It would have been nice and a charming nod towards creativity and my perpetual awesomeness. It’s also superior material to make jokes of in comparison to some of the lame ones skewered by SWAT.

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