Local filmmakers get their shot at $100 Film Festival

By Ben Rowe

Since 1992, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers has hosted the $100 Film Festival, an opportunity and contest for low-budget films and the artists behind them to receive community recognition and support.

Held every March at the Plaza Theatre, the $100 Film Festival was originally a challenge to create short films for $100 or less.

Times have changed and the budgetary limit has been dropped, but the Festival remains one of the most creative and well attended outlets for low budget, independent films on 8 mm and 16 mm film.

“One of the most important goals of the festival is the preservation of celluloid film and the experience of seeing real projected films in a theatre with an audience,” said Farrah Alladin, CSIF Communications Co-ordinator. “It’s important in the wake of movies like Avatar, that showcase digital media and massive budgets, to remind both audiences and potential artists the joy of making films the old fashioned way, and without needing huge financial support.”

In addition to local filmmaking talent, the festival also showcases live musicians and gives filmmakers the opportunity to speak to their audiences after the screenings ­– a vital chance for growing artists to get feedback on their work.

Works for this year’s festival were chosen from over 160 submissions, proving that the art of cinema on celluloid is alive and thriving in Calgary.

“While many good films sometimes don’t get shown, I think it’s much more encouraging to have too many submissions than to have too few,” explained Alladin.

The festival begins Thur., Mar. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Plaza Theatre and continues with screenings on Friday and Saturday night. Don’t miss the exciting chance to see these great works of cinematic art.

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