Spun: Four Tet

By Sydney Stokoe

Kieran Hebden is a magician. Dropped beats, overlapping time signatures and a wide array of interlaced samples leave the latest Four Tet EP There is Love in You nothing short of spectacular. Delicately weaving sounds around a steady, hypnotic beat, Hebden leads the listener through a carefully crafted electro post-rock playground. Layered samples ebb and… Continue reading Spun: Four Tet

Spun: Eluvium

By Jordan Fritz

Ambience is normally thought of as background noise. Some sort of distant sound, the changes almost too subtle to notice, acting as repetition as a form of change. Time passes at such a rate that each moment seems as if the one prior may well have not occurred, and to recreate a moment is to… Continue reading Spun: Eluvium

Local filmmakers get their shot at $100 Film Festival

By Ben Rowe

Since 1992, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers has hosted the $100 Film Festival, an opportunity and contest for low-budget films and the artists behind them to receive community recognition and support. Held every March at the Plaza Theatre, the $100 Film Festival was originally a challenge to create short films for $100 or less.… Continue reading Local filmmakers get their shot at $100 Film Festival

Young artists and designers come out for PARKshow

By Jordyn Marcellus

Kara Chomistek wants to ensure fellow students have a place to show — and sell — their art and fashion. Chomistek, in her fourth year of a biomechanical engineering degree at the University of Calgary, is president of Promoting Art | Redefining Kulture, a local art and fashion group holding their second spring fundraiser at… Continue reading Young artists and designers come out for PARKshow