Spun: Four Tet

By Sydney Stokoe

Kieran Hebden is a magician. Dropped beats, overlapping time signatures and a wide array of interlaced samples leave the latest Four Tet EP There is Love in You nothing short of spectacular. Delicately weaving sounds around a steady, hypnotic beat, Hebden leads the listener through a carefully crafted electro post-rock playground.

Layered samples ebb and flow, allowing a cycle of auditory focal points to draw the listener in. With sounds from a variety of instruments — including harp, keyboards and bells — as well as vocals, there is an airy feel to many tracks.
There is Love in You is the perfect accompaniment for studying: the persistent back beat drawing the listener into a hypnotic state of concentration. However, the subtle details of the tracks also lend themselves well to sitting down and enjoying the depth of the sounds.

As a whole, the EP is somewhat more cohesive than previous releases, staying on the same finely tuned track. Whereas earlier albums jump sharply between samples, There is Love in You has a smoother flow and more consistent feel. It’s upbeat, often drifting into almost meditative rhythm cycles.

With the pulsing nine-minute “Love Cry” and the near-ethereal “Reversing” There is Love in You has the sounds to suit your mood, whether you’re looking to dance or just relax.

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