Spun: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers

By Rhiannon Kirkland

Papillonette has a rich, folksy blend of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers’ French, Polish and Canadian roots flowing throughout their music. The lyrics are full of sumptuous narratives as singer/songwriter Olenka Krakus takes on different situations and characters, telling their story. Some of the songs are dark and melancholic. “Blue” is a song about running… Continue reading Spun: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers

Spun: Soulfly

By Trenton Shaw

You’re sitting around the bonfire. The logs are crackling and the flames’ warmth is ever so soothing. Here come the hot dogs! You meticulously peal the plastic off your wiener and press your sharpened stick through the centre of the processed pork product. Your wiener slowly enters the fire, directly towards the glowing amber coals.… Continue reading Spun: Soulfly

Spun: Japandroids

By Andrew Williams

The lyrics of Vancouver garage-rock duo Japandroids match their instrumentals perfectly — both are relentless and raw. The band weaves stories with the most basic human emotions — songs about leaving, loss and the primal and sometimes childish reactions to these emotions. “Heart Sweats” chronicles a breakup. Guitarist Brain King croons a series of insults… Continue reading Spun: Japandroids

Otafest anime-niacs take over campus

By Madison Wozni

Every year, the University of Calgary is surrendered to a troop of flamboyant characters in colourful costumes. This takeover is affectionately known as Otafest. Otafest premiered in 1999 as a non-profit Japanese animation film festival hosted by the Dedicated Otaku Anime club and expanded over the years to feature Cosplay and talent competitions, fashion shows,… Continue reading Otafest anime-niacs take over campus

Editorial: Let them give blood

Blood is thicker than water, though not as thick as discrimination. But now a movement is gaining momentum to end one long established source of prejudice — the ban on gays from donating blood because of the risk of spreading HIV. The Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article this week arguing that the ban… Continue reading Editorial: Let them give blood

Proposed intellectual property laws too restrictive

By Christian Louden

In 2008, Canadians across the country continued to freely and legally pick digital locks on electronic media as the much-criticized Bill C-61 on copyright reform was tabled. The bill died when parliament dissolved later that year, signaling a federal election, and the Conservatives vowed to resurrect C-61 if reelected. This past summer, nationwide consultation brought… Continue reading Proposed intellectual property laws too restrictive

Future focused on existing infrastructure

By Brent Constantin

Gauntlet: There’s a lot of construction going on around campus. Can you go over what’s happening? Ellard: The [Fok Ying Tung] International House is effectively complete; we’re just tidying up the parking, so that should be done within a matter of weeks. The Taylor Family Library construction should be done in September of this year.… Continue reading Future focused on existing infrastructure

Students’ Union still hopes for secondary suites

By Jeremy Zhao

While a new students’ council has taken office, many important issues raised by previous councils, such as secondary suites, are still a priority. Students’ Union vice-president external Hardave Birk plans to capitalize on the upcoming municipal election to build on the progress of secondary suites. Birk said that a plan drafted by the Urban Calgary… Continue reading Students’ Union still hopes for secondary suites

Taylor alters traditional meaning of libraries

By Richard Lam

As construction for the Taylor Family Library project approaches its completion, plans for moving in are being formulated. “The move in to the building is probably one of the most complex any library system has ever done before,” said Tom Hickerson, vice-provost of libraries and cultural resources at the University of Calgary. “In the same… Continue reading Taylor alters traditional meaning of libraries