Gauntlet Corrections

By Brent Constantin

While we strive to provide a service of reporting accurate campus news, occasionally we at the Gauntlet will get some of our facts wrong.

The following is a list of mistakes we’ve made this year:

A Feb. 17 article in the food and beverage section of the Gauntlet inaccurately listed asbestos as an ingredient in fast food business Extreme Pita’s falafel. The main ingredient is chickpea.

Aug. 9 regular feature Dog Talk named syndicated newspaper comic Peanuts’ character Snoopy as top-dog of syndicated newspaper comics. The correct answer is Marmaduke.

The Apr. 23 entertainment article “Living on the edge” incorrectly identified five mutated students living in the abandoned catacombs underneath the Kinesiology building. There are four.

A Nov. 26 article in the Local Living section of the paper erroneously implicated 16 English instructors of plagarism. We now understand how photocopiers work.

The June 3 Gauntlet editorial mistakenly listed music artist Lou Bega as a celebrity who would die friendless and alone. Bega died in 2007 surrounded by friends and family.

In the Sept. 5 edition of the Gauntlet the editorial board referred to those afflicted with the congenital condition of thumblessness as “spineless weaklings.” Most of the weaklings born with no thumbs do, in fact, have spines.

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