Spun: Bonjay

By Sydney Stokoe

If someone were forced to describe Bonjay’s newest album Broughtupsy, the only word that their noise-addled brain would be able to manifest would likely be “weird.” Beyond that, it would be a lot of head scratching and inconclusive descriptors punctuated with some “ums” and “ahs.”

From the first abrasive Casio-beat to the final electronic clap, Alanna and Pho manage to create and maintain the ambience of your younger cousin hitting buttons at random in an attempt to find the most obnoxious noise on the keyboard.

The biggest issue with the album is not the unnecessarily high-toned backbeats but the collision of Pho’s beats with Alanna’s soulful vocals. There are genre mix-ups that work, but sadly this child of Casio and soul is not one.

The album has its moments where it seems like things might work out but then the synth and soul start fighting again and the only way to get away from it is to grab another drink to dull the pain.

The vocals are not offensive noise unto themselves, but there could certainly have been better efforts made to synchronize. If you were to separate the vocal and backing track and send them in their own directions, you might really have something. Maybe even two somethings? But lets not get too hasty.