Letter: Radio censorship

By Chad Saunders

Andrew Varsanyi’s article [“Education must replace the censorship of music,” Jan. 20] about the recent Dire Straits ruling leaves out key facts that would have helped readers better understand the ramifications of this decision. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council is not a government agency — it is an independent organization set up by private broadcasting… Continue reading Letter: Radio censorship

The case for hemp: good to wear, bad to smoke

By Adam Worobec

In late 2009, hemp advocates were hoping to piggyback the California vote to legalize marijuana. The proposition would have allowed the cultivation of all cannabis, including both marijuana and hemp, but it failed to pass. Despite hemp’s amazing potential, marijuana’s bad rap is holding hemp back. First let’s get our facts straight. The words hemp and marijuana… Continue reading The case for hemp: good to wear, bad to smoke

Not all vegans are crazy (just some)

By Anneke Hobson

I’m often surprised at the reactions my vegan diet receives. Sometimes it’s annoyance at my tainting someone’s lunch or sometimes it’s amusement at my presumed sentimentality or idealism (almost always accompanied by cracks about PETA), but most of the time it manifests in a mild or even defiant defensiveness. “Well, obviously the present state of… Continue reading Not all vegans are crazy (just some)

Don’t forget secondary suites

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Ric McIver does not hold students in high regard. In a recent Calgary Herald article, he argues that increasing affordable housing through legalizing and regulating secondary suites will result in a second class Calgary. He falls into the misconception that streets will be filled with extra vehicles belonging to loud and obnoxious 20-somethings living in… Continue reading Don’t forget secondary suites

Spun: Deadhorse

By Mathew Richards

The name Deadhorse conjures up images of a metal band from Texas in the ’90s, or of that iconic scene from The Godfather. Deadhorse, however, are neither of these things. They have a hometown bent and their debut album is definitely heavy on the talent. Sometimes listening to an album is like finding a few… Continue reading Spun: Deadhorse

Spun: Cut Copy

By Adam Marofke

Coming off their successful 2007 LP In Ghost Colours, Australian electro-pop outfit Cut Copy return with Zonoscope. The album continues in the same vein as their previous two full-lengths, dishing out 11 tracks of blissful, dance-floor ready jams. The album’s opener, “Need You Now” builds up all through its six minutes to swirling waves of… Continue reading Spun: Cut Copy

Spun: Braids

By Remi Watts

Do you know where we go when we die? I am not so sure about you, but I know where I am going. As my lungs enact their last efforts, my heart performs its final pump and my digits and limbs stretch out in one definitive grasp, my brain will throb and vibrate to the… Continue reading Spun: Braids