Report cards

By Mike Attersall

Now that the season is over it is time to take a look back at how things went for the Dinos. Nine Dinos teams were in action during the winter semester and here is an evaluation of how things went, with a little bit of Star Wars thrown in, of course. Men’s volleyball Record: 30-10… Continue reading Report cards

Spun: Snoop Dogg

By Trenton Shaw

The aptly named Doggumentary, Snoop Dogg’s new album, is a shout out to all the styles Snoop has covered in his expansive career. This eclectic album traces the colourful sounds and lyrics of Snoop and his various guests. The album doesn’t replicate the glory of “Gin and Juice” or “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” but… Continue reading Spun: Snoop Dogg

Lettter: On the Origin of BSD

By Maurice Yacowar

[Story originally published in 2005] Bermuda Shorts Day began in 1961, when The University of Alberta, Calgary branch, was still on the sait campus. Freshman and Gauntlet Editor-in-Chief of the following publishing year Alan Arthur, who had just bought his first pair of gaudy Bermuda Shorts, wanted to celebrate spring. So he wrote on the… Continue reading Lettter: On the Origin of BSD

Sportspinion: Women’s hockey belongs in the Olympics

By Erin Shumlich

One Olympic competition after another, the women’s hockey podium looks exactly the same. In 1992, the IOC voted to include women’s hockey in the list of events at the 1998 Olympics hosted in Nagano, Japan, in a rue to increase the number of female athletes at the Olympics. Some individuals opposed inclusion on the basis… Continue reading Sportspinion: Women’s hockey belongs in the Olympics

Hope and despair: A look back at the Flames season

By Taylor McKee

Being a Flames fan can sometimes feel as though one is in a long-term, emotionally abusive relationship. One week you can be over the moon and the very next week prowling through next year’s list of draft-eligible players looking for prospects. Throughout the course of a season, there are inevitably moments when you are quite… Continue reading Hope and despair: A look back at the Flames season

A good time to vote

By Beenish Khurshid

Once again, federal elections are upon us. While federal elections have become an increasingly common sight, this may very well be the first in which many students are eligible to vote. Though Canadian youth may be familiar with the concepts of democracy and voting from high school social studies courses, actually participating in an election… Continue reading A good time to vote