Entertainment brief: James Randi at the University of Calgary

By Nicole Dionne

James Randi is liar. One of the best, in fact. After all– it’s his profession. “On stage I lie. I always do, yes. But I’m doing it for purposes of entertainment. I never tell people, and neither do most magicians, that I have real magical powers. We’re being honest with people,” said Randi during a… Continue reading Entertainment brief: James Randi at the University of Calgary

Spun: Kathryn Calder

By Rheanna Houston

Bright and Vivid is a step in a new direction for New Pornographers member Kathryn Calder. This is her second solo album, and compared to her first, 2010’s Are You My Mother?, it is clear that Ms. Calder is experimenting– and quite successfully– with different sounds and eclectic rhythms. She has moved significantly from the… Continue reading Spun: Kathryn Calder

Spun: Zenith Myth

By Alastair Starke

Zenith Myth is the self-titled progressive rock debut of Los Angeles-based artist Mike Edwards. In addition to writing and producing the album, Edwards claims a multitude of instrumental credits, including bass, guitar, piano, screams and iPhone noises. This album displays the work and talents of several other artists– Paul D’Amour of Tool; Melissa Auf der… Continue reading Spun: Zenith Myth

Spun: The Kooks

By Darren Young

I admit it– I was, and still kind of am, a diehard Kooks fan. “Na├»ve” and “Sofa Song” got some serious playtime on my iPod Mini. How could I help it? Many a young schoolgirl has fallen for the bubbly love songs and ironically upbeat ballads of The Kooks, not to mention frontman Luke Pritchard’s… Continue reading Spun: The Kooks

Odds, without end

By Jordan Clermont

Jordan Clermont Gauntlet Entertainment What do The Kids in the Hall, the Canucks and The Barenaked Ladies have in common? Besides being Canadian, they have all collaborated with Vancouver power-pop band Odds, who rocked SAIT’s The Gateway this Tuesday. The group, led by singer-songwriter Craig Northey, formed in Vancouver in 1987 and had some major-label… Continue reading Odds, without end

Film review: 50/50

By Andy Williams

Schmandy Williams Gauntlet Entertainment This must be a casting director’s worst nightmare — the film’s lead actor drops out of the project after principal filming starts, and they’re left scrambling to find a replacement. That’s exactly what happened with 50/50. The critically-acclaimed Scottish actor James McAvoy backed out of the project for what have only… Continue reading Film review: 50/50

Library Voices

By Rhiannon Kirkland

Canada has several cities that are famous for churning out reputable indie music. Regina is not one of them. Library Voices, however, are doing their best to put their city on the map. “I don’t think it’s ever really gotten the credit it deserves as far as an arts and music scene,” says synth player… Continue reading Library Voices

Painted Love

By Alex Solano

Walking on the streets of Marda Loop along 33 Avenue, a pleasant surprise appears in the form of irises painted like stained glass on an otherwise unremarkable utility box. The art appears again further down the street, but this time the box displays poppies. Earlier this week, another box painted with tulips popped up. Those… Continue reading Painted Love