Women’s Rugby

By Douglas Long

The University of Calgary women’s rugby team captured the Canada West bronze medal at McMahon Stadium on Saturday. In their first year qualifying for playoffs, the team defeated the University of Victoria Vikes 20-15. The team, who went into the 2011 season without having won a game, went 2-2 this season. In a thrilling bronze… Continue reading Women’s Rugby

Wrestling season takes to the mat

By Andrea Llewellyn

Wrestling is as old as the ancient Greek Olympics, dating back to 776 BC. Although the University of Calgary Dinos wrestling squad has been around since the university’s inception, the team has had varsity status 18 years for the men and 12 years for the women. The Dinos Invitational Wrestling Tournament outdates the Dinos’s varsity… Continue reading Wrestling season takes to the mat

National Basketball League arrives in Canada

By Josh Rose

As of yet, there is no NBA season — the preseason and much of the season has been cancelled. An extended lockout has resulted from player-owner negotiations not reaching an agreement. Many players have headed to Europe, Australia, China, the streets of the U.S. and now Canada to play basketball. Starting on Oct. 29, the… Continue reading National Basketball League arrives in Canada

Letter to the editor

By Candace Lind

Dear Editors, I read with surprise and pleasure sports editor Erin Shumich’s article “Athlete’s diets: eating your way to the top” [Oct. 13, 2011]. It holds really important messages about the roles and values of different foods in an athlete’s diet– pointedly critiquing a commonly held belief that athletes must eat meat to be a… Continue reading Letter to the editor

No place to study . . . one another

By Remi Watts

The Taylor Family Digital Library opened to considerable fanfare, but its study spaces are absurdly busy, noisy and in short supply. The majority of MacKimmie Tower closed, robbing us of a study place of solace. Coupling these concerns with the record enrolment numbers and the bureaucratic hodgepodging of both the su and campus administration, students… Continue reading No place to study . . . one another

Editorial: Study space is in short supply

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

On Sept. 5, MacKimmie Library closed its doors indefinitely. This administrative move took 12 floors of study space away from University of Calgary students, including workrooms, computers, Information Commons tables and a large number of individual study carrels at arguably one of the least opportune moments in the university’s enrolment history. 31,509 students registered for… Continue reading Editorial: Study space is in short supply

Changes to SUSB

By Riley Hill

The University of Calgary’s Students’ Union Sustainability Board has decided to change its direction this year to become more of a “working group,” according to SU vice-president operations and finance Patrick Straw. Moving away from its traditional role of promoting sustainability through events, SUSB has decided to play a more proactive role, pursuing development of… Continue reading Changes to SUSB

Cannabis addiction research at U of C

By Tyler Harris

Have you had a problem with marijuana use in the past? A PhD candidate in the University of Calgary psychology department is conducting research into recovery from marijuana dependence. “We’re looking at an investigation into the recovery process from cannabis use disorders,” said lead researcher Jonathan Stea. “We’re trying to recruit individuals who live in… Continue reading Cannabis addiction research at U of C