Spun: Lyrical Militant

By Wyatt Anton

Well, I definitely shouldn’t have read Lyrical Militant’s press package claiming that he was straight out of the mean streets of Winnipeg. Actually, I shouldn’t have looked at the sleeve the CD came in either. The pictures on the front are so incoherently juxtaposed that they strip away any artistic merit I could afford to give him, and the self-indulgent photo on the back just looks like a guy trying to hustle me into a used car. That shouldn’t mean the music is terrible though, right? Wrong.

A part of me knew this was going to happen. Regurgitating ideas from good and even sub-par rap songs and delivering them in a bland, generic style isn’t a formula for good rap music. Take “Nach Le,” for instance — the majority of the song is spent explaining how big of a bum the girl he’s creeping on has, not to mention the copious amounts of intoxicants he claims to have ingested. Pity too, as the instrumentals for this song were a high point for this album.

In short, I think Prelude to Revolution a great listen for people who are less picky than me or who aren’t bored of hearing rappers flog a dead horse. There are a couple of pretty good Middle-Eastern-inspired beats that could go somewhere with a more creative lyrical artist. Aside from that, I give this album 3 out of 10 Winnipeg hood shootouts.

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