Thrive Gym helps cancer survivors

By Manal Sarhan

The University of Calgary researcher Nicole Culos-Reed and her research group are investigating the potential of exercise in maintaining and sustaining the health of cancer survivors. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 177,800 new cases of cancer and 75,000 deaths from cancer will occur in Canada in 2011. An expected 6,100 deaths and… Continue reading Thrive Gym helps cancer survivors

Law students volunteer in elementary schools

By Pauline Anunciacion

Ten law students from the University of Calgary are working in partnership with Pro Bono Students Canada to deliver law lessons to the grade five and six students in Calgary elementary schools. The U of C law students and the coordinators of pbsc are reaching out to at-risk neighbourhoods where the youth are more likely… Continue reading Law students volunteer in elementary schools

Leadership and Student Engagement Office now open

By Susan Anderson

This fall, the University of Calgary received a $2.5 million donation to be awarded over the next three years from the Simpson family, who own and operate the CANA Group of Companies — a family-owned business with three different construction operations. The donation will go toward leadership programs on campus. The announcement was made Nov.… Continue reading Leadership and Student Engagement Office now open

Spun: Honheehonhee

By Dixon Blume

Honheehonhee label themselves as a pop act on their MySpace page. Although their debut album, Shouts, carries the necessary pep and sing-along sections to support this idea, many aspects of it stray away from the genre. Basic chord progressions break off into hectic jams, clean eff ects turn into fuzz, and pale vocals become layered… Continue reading Spun: Honheehonhee

Spun: Chris Naish

By Justin Azevedo

This album confounds me. That’s not a bad thing, though. It’s intriguing — there are layers to the sonic presentation, and the lyrical prowess of Naish leaves me wondering about some existential crisis I may have every time I finish a track. Perhaps it’s my own personal struggles that prevent me from fully enjoying this… Continue reading Spun: Chris Naish

Spun: Tom Waits

By Garth Paulson

Let me get this out of the way: Tom Waits is the most badass man in music today. Every album he has released feels like it has been made exactly to his specifications, and Bad as Me is no exception. The album feels like it’s coming from a place only Tom Waits has been to… Continue reading Spun: Tom Waits

Abed makes Community worth saving

By Rigel Penman

Since Community first aired in September 2009, it has been well-received by both viewers and critics. In late November, Community was christened tv Guide’s Fan Favourite of the Year, beating out popular shows like Chuck and The Vampire Diaries. Despite this, nbc recently put the show on mid-season hiatus and rumours of cancellation are circulating.… Continue reading Abed makes Community worth saving

Show review: k-os

By Chad Utke

The rigours of being an onstage performer day-in and day-out for over 10 years must really get to you. The monotony of playing show after show at club after club in city after city can drive a person to grasp at straws just to make it through a single concert. Toronto rapper k-os must have… Continue reading Show review: k-os

Youth isn’t wasted on Jung People

By Andrea Llewellyn

The band Jung People — pronounced “young people” — are making a statement: youth are forward-thinking. Their name attests to this, being an allusion to the famous psychiatrist and forward-thinker of his time, Carl Jung. These are musicians who aim to create and inspire change. But don’t expect complicated lyrics or overstated theses — Jung… Continue reading Youth isn’t wasted on Jung People

Simon Pegg

By Sean Willett

Simon Pegg is an oddity, as far as actors go. He started his career as a cult movie hero, with only a handful of small yet critically acclaimed films to his name. Now he’s starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol and helping to break new ground in motion capture technology with Steven… Continue reading Simon Pegg