Thursden incident sends student to hospital

By Amy Badry

On Thursday Feb. 16 an altercation between five individual took place outside of the University of Calgary student pub The Den. At approximately 1:00 a.m. police responded to a call from U of C campus security. First-year student Eli Eidesvik was treated by EMS and transported to hospital where he is in stable condition. The… Continue reading Thursden incident sends student to hospital

Leading the team: the role of a captain

By Taylor McKee

On Christmas Eve 2004, Theo Epstein, the general manager of the freshly crowned World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox, presented Jason Varitek with a contract extension and a simple uniform modification. The letter ‘C’ stitched to his jersey symbolized one of the highest honours an active player can receive. In baseball, it is exceptionally… Continue reading Leading the team: the role of a captain

Racism in the U of C memes

“Not sure if electrical engineering class . . . or Chang family reunion.” “Forced to take English this quarter . . . Take 6 math classes to boost gpa.” (Next to a photo of an Asian student.) “Why are my marks below average? Asians.” (Next to a photo of a white man.) As you can… Continue reading Racism in the U of C memes

Calgary is a sprawlin’

By Dominik Matusik

The results of the 2011 Canadian census should come as no surprise to anybody who is even remotely familiar with the nation’s demographics in recent years. The west is booming while growth in the east has slowed. The maritime provinces have rebounded slightly. More and more people are choosing to live in cities as opposed… Continue reading Calgary is a sprawlin’

Chilean protester calls for accountability for universities

By Andréa Rojas

Chilean student leader Camilo Ballesteros delivered a speech at the University of Calgary Feb. 6 as part of a month-long Canadian tour to raise awareness about education issues in South America. Ballesteros, who just finished a term as president of the University of Santiago’s Students’ Union, was one of the leaders of a large-scale 2011… Continue reading Chilean protester calls for accountability for universities

Islamic Awareness Week

Islamic Awareness Week is happening until Friday in the MacHall North Courtyard. According to Ammar Shahid, president of the Muslim Students Association, if anyone is unclear, or is questioning aspects of Islam, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask. “We want to tear down the misconceptions out there about Islam where there has been a lot… Continue reading Islamic Awareness Week

Bat-killing disease threatens Alberta

By Sean Willett

The most common species of bat in North America is now threatened with possible extinction — and there is little hope of stopping it. A disease known as White Nose Syndrome has been sweeping across the United States and Canada, killing hibernating bat species by preventing them from maintaining a dormant state during the winter.… Continue reading Bat-killing disease threatens Alberta