SU Reviews: Ola Mohajer

Remember when Snooki got day-drunk and hobbled down to the beach in her fluffy slippers, falling flat on her face and disrupting innocent beach-going families with her belligerent antics? Only one thing was there for her in her time of darkness — the Seaside Heights Police Department. Mohajer is the chief. Mohajer has been one… Continue reading SU Reviews: Ola Mohajer

SU Reviews: Dylan Jones

It’s 2:35 a.m. at Karma in Seaside Heights and your “kooka” is one vodka shot away from hanging out of your pleather dress– and those sexy guidos from across the dance floor are totally staring. Dylan Jones is the kind of guy who would discreetly escort you into a cab back to the shore house… Continue reading SU Reviews: Dylan Jones

Bio-Sci students get a taste for grad school

By Kaleem Khan

Biology undergraduate students presented at the Biological Sciences Student Symposium April 3-5, where they displayed research they collected and recorded over the past year. Over the three days, 67 students presented research ranging from coffee consumption and prevention of obesity in rats to aging of host defense mechanisms in pond snails. Each student gave a… Continue reading Bio-Sci students get a taste for grad school

Employers asking for personal passwords

By Alexander Cheung

Have you ever wondered if your presence on Twitter or Facebook is affecting your job prospects? There are measures you can take to keep your personal information private on social media sites. However, some employers are taking their efforts to the next level to reveal what might be hiding behind your privacy controls. Several companies… Continue reading Employers asking for personal passwords

Faculty of Arts students will soon have a place to call home

By Charis Whitbourne

The Faculty of Arts Lounge is set to be open to students on April 27, 2012. Two years ago, the University of Calgary’s Board of Governors voted to merge the faculties of communication and culture, fine arts, humanities and social sciences. Since this merger there has not been a sense of unity between the faculties… Continue reading Faculty of Arts students will soon have a place to call home

Residence rates on the rise

By Erick Maleko

In a move to cover higher debt payments associated with the recently built Yamnuska Hall and to respond to increasing operating costs, University of Calgary room and meal plan rates will increase starting next year. After receiving recommendations from the Board of Governors, the increases were approved at the Feb. 21 Operations Committee meeting. Residence… Continue reading Residence rates on the rise

Letter: Horse races

By Doug James

Regarding Kurt Genest’s April 5 article “Horses, ponies, races and ridings,” Danielle Smith and the Wildrose have rhetoric but no track record. Smith’s endorsement of the libertarian perspective should scare the heck out of anyone who can read (and chooses to) and think. Alison Redford looks like the first intelligent PC leader we’ve had since… Continue reading Letter: Horse races

The identity crisis of the Wildrose party

By Dominik Matusik

If opinion polls are to be believed, the upcoming provincial election will be one of those rare events in Albertan history where voters toss aside the ruling dynasty like a pair of old sneakers and vote into office a government of novices. Historically, Albertans don’t vote for parties — they vote governments out. The last… Continue reading The identity crisis of the Wildrose party

Editorial: These are not the candidates you’re looking for

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

For the first time in years, the political opportunity many Albertans have been pining for, campaigning for and tirelessly working toward might be at hand– the chance to dethrone the provincially entrenched Progressive Conservatives. We asked for change, but perhaps we should have been more specific. In power since 1971, the pcs have never been… Continue reading Editorial: These are not the candidates you’re looking for