CareerLink makes job posting easier

By Emily Macphail

On June 26, the University of Calgary’s Career Services launched CareerLink, a new program where students and employers can connect with ease. The site takes the place of JobLink, which formerly hosted job postings from a variety of employers advertising to U of C students and alumni.

The system allows students to search for jobs, upload resumes, review submitted applications and view scheduled interviews and events, like job fairs.

According to Career Services manager Colleen Bangs, this change was in the works for a while. A contract with a new provider was signed in February and communication regarding the switch began last June. She said the main reason for moving to a new system was to increase ease of use for students and employers. She also said Career Services’ main focus is employer relations.

“We had noticed, just in working with the old system when we had JobLink, that it was cumbersome. [CareerLink] is really offering the same services, but it’s an enhanced user experience and when you go in, it’s very intuitive.”

The software provider for JobLink was Simplicity, an American company that caters to large-scale organizations. Orbis Communications Inc., the new provider, is Canadian and focuses on educational institutions, which makes it more suitable for Career Services. Bangs says the Canadian aspect was an important factor in the decision.

“They use the same privacy laws and we’re also supporting a home-grown company,” she said.

Orbis is also the same company that the co-curricular record and the Student Success Centre currently operate with, allowing better integration between the three services.

The student login for the system is now linked with myUofC, decreasing the number of passwords students must keep track of for university services.

The new software is also beneficial for employers because it allows them to track how many people are viewing, interested in and applying for jobs. This increases employer retention with the service, which increases the opportunities available to students.

“We’ve had lots of feedback from employers and what we’re hearing is that they’re really enjoying it and finding it easy to use,” said Bangs. “We’ve actually had an increase in postings and information sessions on campus.”

She said Career Services has also made an effort to increase accessibility to charities and non-profit organizations, giving students a broader range of opportunities.

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