Group sheds their locks for cancer

By Michael Grondin

On October 26, seven members of the University of Calgary shaved their heads for cancer research and raised over $5,000.

The funds were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Students’ Union research assistant Minnie Chen began planning the event in early October. Using social media, the group raised awareness for the event. An initial goal of $3,000 was anticipated to be raised.

“I didn’t expect it to have such a large turnout. It was awesome to get the word out,” said Chen.

Students donated and were able to participate in the shaving. SU vice-president external Raphael Jacob participated in the event.

“We threw the event together and it created quite a buzz,” said Jacob. “In total we raised just over $5,000 so it was quite successful and more than we had initially hoped for.”

Jacob said there is a large need to raise awareness for cancer because it affects many people.

“Every dollar plays a part in finding a cure, but it also reminds people that cancer is an issue that needs to be discussed and we need to work to help people who are affected by it,” said Jacob.

SU vice-president academic Kenya-Jade Pinto also shaved her head at the event.

“Things like this bring the campus together, and it was something we could all share and work towards together,” said Pinto.

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