By HJ Hornbeck

Outside of standard science-based medicine, there is the field of complementary and alternative medicine, which are unconventional treatments. One of the major players in complementary and alternative medicine, alongside acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal remedies, is homeopathy. As with any treatment, individuals must make informed decisions based on the best available information. Yet without knowing the… Continue reading Homeopathy

Photo Contest: Dragonfly

Every month the Gauntlet hosts a photo contest. September’s winner was Ryan Derish with his photograph entitled “Dragonfly.” “I took this picture at Elkwater Lake in Cypress Hills. My main focus was to photograph birds and insects that day, and this was one of my best shots.” — Ryan Derish Submit up to three of… Continue reading Photo Contest: Dragonfly

Scientists admit that science isn’t real

By Elizabeth Scott

A shocking announcement was made this weekend concerning the entire scientific field: science isn’t real. Apparently everything from
Galileo to Hawking is one big lie. The ancient Greeks started making up conjectures, but scientists have simply become better at making these conjectures sound legitimate. Copernicus thought he was pushing it with the whole ‘earth revolves around… Continue reading Scientists admit that science isn’t real

Canadian poster boy

By Riley Hill

A good image is important for every politician — but for some, it’s all they have. Take Justin Trudeau, the young, ambitious son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who is currently running for Liberal Party leadership. His campaign is receiving a great deal of media attention, comparing Justin to his father. The most… Continue reading Canadian poster boy

Espionage can’t break the ties that bind

By Jeremy Woo

Once upon a time, Canadians feverishly fretted over Soviet sleeper spies from the KGB hiding among their neighbours. Citizens constantly worried about the real potential for catastrophic nuclear war between the world’s two superpowers. Espionage ran rampant, even in peaceful countries like Canada. This was a reality until the demise of the USSR in 1991,… Continue reading Espionage can’t break the ties that bind