Editorial: Make this stache count

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Mothers, hide your daughters. For the next month, there will be an abundance of moustaches — some distinguished and some absolutely grotesque — emerging from the upper lips of many ordinarily clean-shaven men all over the country and the world. Pretty soon, many men will start to look like extras from a ’70s cop drama… Continue reading Editorial: Make this stache count

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

By Matthew Parkinson

Cloud Atlas is the type of audacious art-house film that almost never gets a blockbuster budget or recognizable actors. Yet, over $100 million has been put into this adaptation of David Mitchell’s award-winning novel of the same name. The film stars A-list actors like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving. Cloud Atlas has three… Continue reading Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

Play review: Love of the Nightingale

By Ryan Barlow

The University of Calgary’s department of drama’s latest production, The Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker, is an intriguing adaptation of an Ancient Greek story that addresses timeless themes of gender roles, violence and silence. Running from October 23 to November 3 at the University Theatre, the director Alyssa Bradac has woven the script… Continue reading Play review: Love of the Nightingale

Smaller markets start to score big

By Richard Goldberger

The 2012 Major League Baseball season was certainly one for the books, full of remarkable winning streaks and astonishing statistical achievements. In retrospect, it’s difficult to discern the most impressive achievements: the league saw three different pitchers throw a perfect game, every division series went to a decisive Game five, the league had Miguel Cabrera,… Continue reading Smaller markets start to score big

Graduating this year?

By Emily Macphail

The University of Calgary’s Graduating This Year program is helping students get ready for life after university. 
 The GTY program will be expanded this year to both fall and winter semesters and has partnered with the Office of Leadership and Student Engagement.
 Launched in 2009, the GTY program is an initiative run out of… Continue reading Graduating this year?

New evidence of feathered dinosaurs

By Sean Willett

University of Calgary researchers have found new evidence of feathered dinosaurs in Alberta’s badlands. The research is being conducted at the Royal Tyrell Museum and sheds light on the evolution of dinosaurs and birds.
 Although many dinosaurs were covered in feathers, paleontologists’ understanding of this phenomenon has been hindered by the rarity of feather traces… Continue reading New evidence of feathered dinosaurs

Depression here and there

By Michael Grondin

A University of Calgary researcher has found differences with how people experience depression in Canada and the Middle East. 
 U of C clinical psychology doctoral student Shadi Beshai has collaborated with an Egyptian psychologist and has found that people in Canada experience depression emotionally, while people in Egypt experience depression physically. These findings can… Continue reading Depression here and there

Group sheds their locks for cancer

By Michael Grondin

On October 26, seven members of the University of Calgary shaved their heads for cancer research and raised over $5,000.
 The funds were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Students’ Union research assistant Minnie Chen began planning the event in early October. Using social media, the group raised awareness for the event. An initial goal… Continue reading Group sheds their locks for cancer