Film review: Parker

By Matthew Parkinson

Parker was a much better concept for a film before Jack Reacher underperformed at the box office — both films are adaptations of popular novels made into generic action movies that serve primarily as vanity pieces for their lead actors. However, instead of megastar Tom Cruise playing the lead role, Parker stars Jason Statham, perhaps… Continue reading Film review: Parker

Corb Lund brings a grittier Alberta to the Glenbow

By Susan Anderson

If you went to junior high and high school in Alberta, you’ve probably had your fair share of this province’s history beaten into you — although whether it is stuck or not is a different matter entirely. Even at the Glenbow museum, 
Alberta’s history is presented in a very certain, impersonal way. But a current… Continue reading Corb Lund brings a grittier Alberta to the Glenbow

The gift of The Seagull

By Alicia Ward

Anton Chekhov, the famous 19th century Russian playwright, was a master of subtext. He was able to express meaning without simply stating things outright, yet this gift did not always result in very exciting plays. However, the University of Calgary’s drama department is taking a different approach to Chekhov’s work, one that blends the subtext… Continue reading The gift of The Seagull

Arts Lounge opens

By Michael Grondin

The Arts Lounge is now complete and ready for students to use. It is located on the first floor of the Social Sciences Building.
 Currently, the lounge is not fully-furnished. However, the Students’ Union is in the process of filling the lounge with useful amenities for students.
 Faculty of arts representatives developed the initiative for… Continue reading Arts Lounge opens

Club to improve health care

By Michael Grondin

University of Calgary students are working to develop solutions to make the health-care system more sustainable and efficient through the Calgary Healthcare Improvement Network. The group held their first event at the Foothills Campus on Jan. 30.
 CHIN is the Calgary chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, an international organization.
 Formed by nursing and… Continue reading Club to improve health care

Environmental institute called a failure

By Michael Grondin

David Keith, a Harvard climate scientist, is calling the University of Calgary’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy a failure. ISEEE is a graduate research institute that develops sustainable solutions and was created in 2004.
 Keith, who was the director of energy and environmental systems group within 
ISEEE, until Sept. 2011, told the CBC… Continue reading Environmental institute called a failure

Holy homophobia

By Fabian Mayer

University of Calgary professor of education Tonya Callaghan is working to bring attention to the issue of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals in the Catholic school system.
 Her research, the subject of a talk called “Holy Homophobia” held on Jan. 29 at the U of C, looks at the situation of… Continue reading Holy homophobia

Gauntlet outdoor rink reviews: Citadel

By Fabian Mayer

Over the winter months, the Gauntlet will have a section that reviews various outdoor rinks in Calgary. The rinks will be reviewed according to four categories: quality of ice, amenities, clientele and overall experience. 
 Each outdoor rink will be given a score out of five Gauntlet pucks ­— five out of five being worthy… Continue reading Gauntlet outdoor rink reviews: Citadel