Global Game Jam 2013

By Sean Willett

Creativity can be hard to find — artists from every medium are susceptible to the agony that is a creative block. However, sometimes all an artist needs is a group of people, a time limit and lots of Red Bull. The Global Game Jam is an event that provides all three.
 Now in its fifth… Continue reading Global Game Jam 2013

The Greeks are coming!

By Boaz Schuman

Wherever there is an economic boom, the echo is generally a cultural one. This cultural echo has happened in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and is currently happening in Calgary. To fully appreciate cultural changes in our booming and blooming city, we have to look for culture beyond the museum and the theatre. 
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New $25 student credit

By Tim Louden

University of Calgary Active Living is now offering a $25 credit to full- and part-time students.
 The plan is currently available and U of C students can apply this credit towards all programs offered by Active Living, as well as equipment rentals and programs from the Outdoor Centre.
 The credit was provided in response to… Continue reading New $25 student credit

Keeping it green in 2013

By Riley Hill

The University of Calgary’s Students’ Union has introduced biodegradable cutlery and “compost educators” to the MacEwan Student Centre this semester in an effort to reduce waste on campus. 
 The compost educators program, which is currently in the process of being approved by the SU Sustainability Board, will place staff hired by the SU near… Continue reading Keeping it green in 2013

Calgary organization working for cyclists

By Michael Grondin

The Calgary Tour de Nuit Society is an organization committed to making cycling in Calgary easier and safer. The group has worked to promote the benefits of cycling as well as build effective bike lanes in the city.
 Tour de Nuit has recently created internship opportunities for Calgary students. 
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France gives 1,400 diplomas in Alberta

By Michael Grondin

Proficiency of the French language is becoming a priority in Canada. In the 2011–12 school year, the French government gave 4,800 diplomas — 1,400 of which were to Albertans — to Canadian students. 
 The Diplôme d’Etudes en langue Française program was developed in Europe and is a framework of measuring language proficiency. These measurements… Continue reading France gives 1,400 diplomas in Alberta

U of C wins big in business

By Riley Hill

On the weekend of Jan. 5, several University of Calgary teams won medals in the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition, an annual undergraduate business competition that includes over 30 universities from around the world. The competition began in 1978 and has been held annually ever since. This year’s event took place at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.
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