New myUofC portal launched

Early last month a new MyUofC portal was launched providing a new navigation system for students. The new MyUofC portal has been designed to provide easy navigation through the different online systems students need. The new portal, launched on Aug. 13, allows students to access many of the MyUofC features in one window, with their class schedules, enrolment and financial services available on a drop-down menu at the top of the page along with quick links to university services and campus information.

The portal provides an easy way to navigate the PeopleSoft Student Centre, a system that students had complained about when it replaced Infonet several years ago.

PeopleSoft implemented many features that Infonet was unable to handle, including student finances and an easier way to handle class registration and swapping classes.
When PeopleSoft became the new course registration system in 2007, the Gauntlet reported that the system met few supporters from the university’s student body.

While Infonet had been a difficult program for the university to run behind the scenes, it was beloved by university students for being easy to navigate. When PeopleSoft replaced it, students were vocal in their dislike, calling the new system confusing and frustrating.

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