Spun: The Darcys

By Katarzyna Krok

You can be a toe tapper, a head banger or a fearless solo dancer — whatever your grooving type might be — The Darcys will catch you with their album, Warring. An eclectic collection of artistic sounds, this Toronto-based art-rock band has assembled a promising third album for a 40-minute escape from reality.

The album opens with “Close To Me,” a mix of instrumentals and vocals to prep your musical palette for the album ahead. If you’re a sucker for anything that will get you moving, “Hunting,” has the energy and aggressive beat you want and need. The level of energy drops down for one of their featured songs, “Horses Fell.” But don’t fret, this track has a steady drum roll and fun keys to keep your beat going.

“The Pacific Theatre” took a surprising turn to a true piano ballad, a random centerpiece to the album, but a pleasing and easy listen. “The River” has a slightly haunting overall sound, but it had me hooked with its suspense and vocals. If you were to challenge The Darcys to give you one song to prove themselves, I personally hope “The River” would be it. “Pretty Girls” and “747s” are exciting tracks right from the beginning. Both with their own uniqueness, together they make an impression on the last bit of the album. “747s” is closer to what you hear at the beginning of the album, but easily the catchiest song on the album. Soft vocals and heavy instruments make “Muzzle Blasts” a quick escape. The final song, “Lost Dogfights,” was a farewell to the experimental album, a gentle awakening to the real world.

The Darcys offer so much variety and experimentation with their sound, there is sure to be something for any musical soul in this album.

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