Spun: The Jamies

By Kayla Ross

The Jamies bring a sound like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Whether it’s the rich, soulful vocals of Jamie Gould — the band’s namesake — or the way the album seamlessly switches gears between rock-inspired guitars to electro-pop synth beats, each track brings something exciting and different. It’s hard to define them with a single genre, especially considering that every individual in the six-piece band brings something different to the table. They are most definitely indie pop-rock, in a similar vein as Hot Hot Heat or The New Pornographers. But there is also a distinct ’80s new-wave-inspired sound that comes to fruition through the skills of guitarist Greg Lamarche.

Despite the range of genres and influences, The Jamies have created a unique blend that brings the listener on a journey through love, heartache and deceit. The first track starts off light and sweet, with a bouncy beat that transcends into the next track. Synthesizers are used prominently here, with supporting guitar riffs and drums. Things take a darker turn in “Secret Boyfriends” and “Gone,” where the guitar takes center stage with dynamic rock chords that reflect the emotions of distrust and loss. A bit of country twang appears in “Money and Heartache,” while later songs begin to slow towards the closing track, “Under The Stars.” Gould appears at her most vulnerable here, sounding wistful as she bears her soul to us.

A certain amount of experimentation is expected for a debut album, but The Jamies have found the sweet spot between trying out different sounds and having them all come together in a pretty little package. They certainly are not lacking in skilled musicians and each track shines with polish and confidence.

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