Vandalism rife during O-week

O-week had a rough start this year as the University of Calgary had a surge of vandalism.

After volunteers for orientation week painted directions on the sidewalk to point new students to the buildings they’re looking for, someone else painted directions that are completely wrong. For example, there was writing saying “business” pointing to Science A and “education” pointing to kinesiology.

A large penis was also drawn on the sidewalk in the middle of campus, close to the prairie chicken. Thankfully, orientation week volunteers were later sent out to transform the phallic display into something with more school spirit, said orientation leader Meg Martin.

“We noticed the vandalism in the middle of campus and we were able to turn it into a dinosaur,” Martin said.

Campus Security director Lanny Fritz said a report also came in on Monday about a van that was spray painted in a residence parking lot.

Fritz said he encourages anyone with any information related the vandalism to come to campus security.

No one has been caught for any of the vandalism at this time.

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