Guy won’t let go of that one joke he made

By Elizabeth Scott

Third-year engineering student Victor Clement just cannot seem to get over that one joke he made that one time.

In early April, 2011, Clement was hanging out with a group of friends when he reportedly told a great joke regarding the recently released film The Last Godfather.

The friends were meeting to discuss the details of their upcoming royal wedding viewing party when Clement made what seemed to be an unintentionally funny statement regarding the film’s plot.

Clement’s friends have said that while at the time the joke was funny, they wished they had considered the possible consequences of their actions before expressing such appreciation for the remark.

“To be perfectly honest, I don’t even think he was trying to be funny,” said third-year engineering major Maya Stark, a friend of Clement. “He just got lucky and we all laughed and now he will not stop referencing that damn joke.”

Since the incident, Clement has apparently made dozens of references to his one good joke, often following his reference with, “Remember, guys? Remember?”

“I don’t think I would even still remember the joke if Victor didn’t bring it up all the time,” Stark said. “It has gotten to the point where it’s not even funny anymore.”

Clement’s friends have said that since the student hardly makes any witty remarks, they do not want to take away from his time in the sun. All the friends agreed, however, that the joke has run its course.

Unfortunately, friends of Clement have reported that all attempts to pry the cold, dead joke from the student’s hands have been futile.

“We’ve tried everything short of telling Victor he’s just not funny,” said Mark Benson, a third-year engineering major and friend of Clement. “We went from laughing when he brought up the joke, to chuckling, and now we just sort of give him this sympathetic smile, but he just doesn’t get it. He still thinks it’s hilarious.”

At press time, Clement’s few remaining friends expressed their desperate desire for Clement to make a new joke or to at least let the old one go.

“We’ve tried buying him knock-knock joke books,” said Stark. “We’ve tried taking him to comedy clubs and showing him funny movies to get him to reference something else, but nothing is working. We’re running out of options!” she added, choking back tears.

Clement says he looks forward to referencing his one joke at all the holiday parties this year, and even has plans to dress up as one of the film’s characters for Halloween, in hopes of starting some conversations regarding the film with strangers, so as to make the joke again.

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