New parking rules on campus

Students parking on campus can now get a ticket that might take them by surprise.

University of Calgary parking rules were changed at the start of the fall semester to make it an offence to park facing out, with drivers who don’t comply now being charged $60.
U of C parking director Susan Austen said there were several reasons for the policy change.

“First, we do get some damage to electrical outlets and landscaping from people backing in. They hit things when they back up,” Austen said. “But the primary reason is that we’re about to adopt a new camera system to improve our efficiency at looking for licence plates.”

This camera system will be similar to the one used by the Calgary Parking Authority, with a car covered in cameras driving through lots, checking licence plates.

Austen said that drivers will still put their parking permits on their dash, as the cameras will mostly be looking for drivers with outstanding tickets.

“If you’re in a lot where you pay at a booth, we’re basically looking [with the cameras] to see if you’re eligible to park on campus or if you’re subject to tow,” Austen said. “If you’re in a lot that has permits, we’re checking to make sure that you have one.”

Austen said the new policy will make parking enforcement much easier.

“It just speeds up the process of checking 1,200 stalls by making it this way,” she said.

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