Undergraduate research symposium in November

By Diltaj Atwal

The Students’ Union Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held on November 28, giving undergrads the opportunity to showcase their research. Students selected for the symposium will compete for awards valued between $500–$1,000.

“One goal of the [symposium] is to provide undergraduate researchers with an opportunity to present their work, get that experience with knowledge translation and really communicate their work to a diverse audience,” said SU vice-president academic Emily Macphail. “The URS provides a place where senior administration, faculty, community members and other students can come and see what that work is.”

The event recognizes work from a variety of departments — from psychology to mechanical engineering.  

The symposium will also include a research poster competition in MacEwan Hall on the same day.

“The SU puts [the poster competition] on. We have judges from all of the faculties in terms of professors and instructors. Also we have some graduate students who will act as judges and the graduate association will be there,” Macphail said. “Undergraduates from first to fifth year will present their research there and supervisors will be there to support their students and come to the awards.”

Abstracts for the symposium are due on Oct. 25. If an abstract is accepted, posters must be brought to the SU office by Nov. 22.

The SU offers a poster grant to help with the costs of materials for participants. Funding is provided to reimburse expenses up to $50.

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