CJSW seeks SLC’s approval for levy increase

On Nov. 26, the University of Calgary’s radio station, CJSW, made their case to Student Legislative Council for a referendum regarding a levy increase.

The proposed referendum would ask students to approve a $1.00 increase to the existing $5.00 per session fee that is already collected for CJSW.

CJSW station manager Myke Atkinson said that revenue generated from the fee increase would help with website upgrades that will allow the station to podcast all of their shows. The money would also go towards hiring a full-time staff member to manage the growth of the website.

Atkinson said this focus on podcast programming will allow students to listen to CJSW shows when it works for them.

“It sets us up with that model of user-directed media,” Atkinson said. “The idea is that you no longer have to listen in at a certain time and in a certain way. Instead the media is there and you can consume it in the way you want to.”

If SLC votes in favour of the levy, CJSW plans to do an information campaign to inform students about the referendum. SLC will do a first reading on the referendum on Dec. 2 with a second reading and vote on Jan. 14.

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