SU looks for new social work representative

By Riley Hill

The Students’ Union is looking for a new faculty of social work representative after the former rep, Michael Rhys Davies, stepped down last month.
From the applicants, a select few will be chosen for interviews with SU executives. The executives will then nominate one candidate who must be approved in a general vote at Student Legislative Council.

“Council doesn’t see all the applicants, they just see one name,” SU president Raphael Jacob said. “The question is, ‘Do you think this person could be our social work representative?’ If council votes yes — which they typically do — that person will start at the next SLC.”

Because the new social work rep will be appointed, they would have to abstain on non-procedural votes — meaning they will not vote on major policy decisions within the SU.
Jacob said applicants should be mindful about the demands of the job.

“At the very least, the position requires two hours every Tuesday,” he said. “You’re also expected to sit on at least one or two committees as well. It’s like a part-time job in terms of the time requirements expected of you.”

Davies said he stepped down from the position because of these time demands, which conflicted with his other job and his education.

“I just bit off way more than I could chew in my world. I was working Friday, Saturday overnight shifts, attending practicum Monday through Thursday and then I had school,” Davies said. “It was all just burning me out and was starting to affect my grades and my performance in my practicum.”

Davies added that he holds no ill will towards the rest of SLC and thought his choice would be better for both the council and the students he was voted to represent.

The SU will accept applications until Dec. 3. So far, they have only received one.

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