Spun: CC Trubiak

By Connor Sadler

CC Trubiak has banded together with a small mob of friends, musicians and muses to create his latest album, fittingly titled Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions. Trubiak’s music is quite personal with each song telling a story, yet the instrumentals stay energetic with some folk elements mixed in and his piercing tenor voice takes front stage.

The album takes a different approach from most modern music as the majority of the songs are broken into different sections on the album and are separated by short instrumental interludes.

The track “All I Need” displays Trubiak’s signature sound, created though collaboration with several of his friends in the ‘tiny army.’ The instrumentals in the song have a heavy indie-folk influence, yet Trubiak’s tenor vocals, which tell a deep story of longing for friends and family, create a compelling contrast in the music. One of the later tracks, “Broken Morning,” has a somber tone, but gains a more hopeful tone as the song progresses, with changing instrumentals to match. Through this, the music becomes light and energetic as well as somewhat intimate and serious, which is a difficult combination to work with but is performed spectacularly during the album.

Each song on Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions is one of Trubiak’s personal stories, brought to life with the help of his ‘tiny army’ and, because of this, feels as though Trubiak’s life has been put on display for you to experience through his music. Trubiak’s music in Tiny Army speaks to his true self, free of any sort of mask or façade.

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