Suicide the concern of new campus club

By Tendayi Moyo

The University of Calgary Grace Project is planning events in February to help lift students’ spirits.

The Grace Project is a campus club looking to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. The organization provides support groups for students coping with mental illness or dealing with the loss of someone in their life to suicide.

In February, the Grace Club will host a random-acts-of-kindness week during the week prior to reading week.

“We found out that in February, we have reading week off because it has the highest suicide rate for students,” said club president Glory Kabila. “So we thought the week before reading week we’d do random acts of kindness.”

The Grace Club is planning a number of events for the week including a flash mob, handing out candies and giving compliments to passersby.

“We’re [also] working with Queers on Campus to make a suit of armor out of metal,” Kabila said. “We’re going to get people to write compliments and those compliments will be molded into a suit of armor. Just to represent that we are all looking out for each other as U of C students.”


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