Annual contest returns to U of C

By Scott Strasser

This week, the University of Calgary commenced its annual funny poster contest. The posters, which are exhibited throughout campus, will be voted on by the student body based on wit, cleverness and quality of puns. Posters that include pop culture references and Internet memes are tipped by experts as most likely to do well.

It appears the competition is as fierce as ever this year, with dozens of students trying their hand at the delicate art of poster making.

“I’ve been working hard on my poster for the better part of a month,” said contestant Richard Hammer. “I tried to incorporate my name into some sort of a pun. Name-related puns appear to have done quite well in the past.”

Hammer reported having spent nearly $150 on his poster making campaign.

“That’s what it takes to win these things,” Hammer said. “I’ve spent some money on costumes and props and I’ve also hired a hair and makeup specialist to prepare me for my photo shoot. I’m taking this contest very seriously.”

Many students have argued that the competition is nothing but a popularity contest, with contestants relying on the votes of their close friends to have any chance of winning.

“Every year it’s the same thing,” said fourth-year communications student Jacob Stern. “Whoever has the most friends inevitably gets the most votes. It no longer matters how creative or hilarious your poster is.”

Third-year chemistry major and contest front-runner Adam Bomme disagrees.

“The idea that all this is merely a popularity contest is absolutely incorrect,” Bomme said, looking up from his work on Adobe Photoshop. “I mean yes, I can rely on my friends’ votes, of course. They are my friends, why wouldn’t they vote for me? But my ideas are still what matters. No one will vote for my poster unless they truly think it’s hilarious.”

Winners of this year’s contest will be handed the illustrious prize of student government leadership, as they will be given positions as faculty representatives and executives in the Students’ Union and probably at least a dozen new Twitter followers.

“It would be super awesome to win,” said contestant Sally Earnhardt. “I am very confident that my ability to make funny posters would translate well to the world of student politics.”

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