Changes in visa program to benefit international students

Recent changes in Canada’s Department of Citizenship and Immigration will allow international students to receive multi-entry visas easier than ever before.

Most international students in Canada have single-entry visas. This means that if they leave the country, they need a new visa to get back in.

Under the new system, all applicants will be automatically considered for a multi-entry visa, allowing them to enter and leave Canada as they need.

“For whatever reason, the government before was very hesitant to give out multi-entry visas,” said Students’ Union vice-president external Connor Brown. “For the most part, international students could only get single-entry visas.”

The change was welcomed by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) — an organization that has long lobbied for this type of policy change.

“CASA has been calling on the government to provide multiple-entry visas to students and we’re happy these changes are being made,” CASA chair Amanda Nielson said in a press release. “Improving the clarity of visa applications will help government reach the goal of increasing Canada’s international student population.”

The changes will not affect students already in Canada on a single-entry visa.

International students coming to Canada still need to obtain a separate student permit.

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