Notoriously bad washrooms getting a facelift

By Scott Strasser

University of Calgary students will be happy to learn that the run-down bathrooms located across the hall from the Den will be renovated later this spring.

The renovations will happen between May and August and are expected to be completed in time for next fall.

“The current bathroom is significantly outdated,” said Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance Eric Termeunde. “The new bathroom will be a lot more water-efficient and sustainable.”

The current conditions of these bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. The floor is stained with what one can only hope is dirt, the walls are caked with grime and there is the pervasive smell of urine.

“[The renovations] are long overdue,” Termeunde said. “It’s definitely necessary for sanitary reasons and for sustainability reasons. It’s something students can appreciate moving forward.”

Third-year business student Connor Lotnick agrees.

“I think it’s about time they renovated that bathroom,” Lotnick said. “That place has been an eyesore since I’ve been at the U of C. It needs a makeover.”

The renovations will cost an estimated $120,000.


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