Woman pays repairman with credit

By Elizabeth Scott

Earlier this week, fourth-year political science major Lorraine Finch called a local repair company to fix a leaky faucet in her Brentwood home.

“I first noticed the dripping about two weeks ago,” Finch said. “It was driving me absolutely nuts. When the problem didn’t fix itself I decided to call a plumber.”
Finch reports that she was very thoughtful in her plumber selection process.

“I never had a problem like this before,” Finch said, “so I really had no idea who to call. I looked up plumbing companies in northwest Calgary and probably spent about 10 minutes looking at reviews of each.”

In the end, Finch made the decision to call Five Star Plumbing.

“There was really no question,” Finch said. “After doing my research, I found that Five Star Plumbing was the only company with consistently good reviews. And after seeing that bargain of a price, I was sold!”

Once Finch made the phone call, she reports that the plumber was at her doorstep in less than an hour.

“I couldn’t believe how quick he was!” Finch said. “I was in the middle of making a flan when I called and before I had even inverted the ramekins I heard a knock at my door. Talk about speed!”

In addition to quick service, Finch reported that the repairman was charming and knowledgeable. She admitted that while at first she was hesitant to let a stranger into her home, the repairman immediately made her feel at ease.

“I don’t want to let just anyone into my home,” Finch said. “But the repairman was just so friendly and trustworthy. I had no problem letting him in, which is definitely something you want in a home repair service!”

Finch said the repairman even showed her how to fix the faucet herself, should she encounter the problem again.

“I feel so much better knowing that I am equipped to handle the problem on my own in case something similar happens in the future,” Finch said. “Having that knowledge really makes me feel independent and capable.”

Finch reported that within 20 minutes, the repairman had fixed the problem and was on his way.

When she went to pay the repairman, Finch was delighted to discover that not only did she have enough money to pay for the repair without having to find an alternative method, but the company also accepted major credit cards.

“So many companies these days take only cash or debit because of the fees the card companies charge them,” Finch said, “so I am always very pleased when I can use my credit card and earn reward points.”

Finch said that from now on she will definitely call Five Star Plumbing for all of her plumbing needs.

“After seeing the finesse and professionalism with which the plumber did his job, I have no doubt that I made the right decision,” Finch said. “I would absolutely recommend the company to anyone.”

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