CRO recounts vote in light of close election results

By Riley Hill

Following the Students’ Union election, a recount has confirmed that two positions were won by a single vote.

For the arts representative race, the fourth place candidate recieved 585 votes. The candidate in fifth got 584. For science rep, the third place candidate got 742 and fourth place got 741.

Chief returning officer Chris Yan said a student in the faculty of arts requested the recount, though they also double-checked the science representative race to be safe.

“Our election team was proactive and requested the faculty of science recount ourselves, since that race was also close,” Yan said.

For the recount, Yan asked CanVote to confirm the electronic ballots. Yan went over the paper ones while supervised by SU staff.

Newly elected arts rep Lexi Narowski said the mood was light when she found out that she edged out her friend, Chris Bell, by a single vote.

“When he saw the numbers, he said, ‘I lost by one fucking vote!’ Everyone was laughing, including him,” Narowski said.

Keean Bexte, who took the third and final science rep spot, said the results haven’t affected his view of the job.

“One vote is one vote. I think that is strong enough reason to show that students were ready for me to be elected,” Bexte said. “It definitely worked out well.”

Candidates normally have three days to ask for a recount after an election.


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