Go get a free tax return from the SU you turkey

By Scott Strasser

University of Calgary students looking for help with their income tax returns can find it from an unexpected source — the Students’ Union.

The SU has offered a volunteer tax program since 2000. If you’re part of the campus community, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) certified volunteers file your income tax returns for free. The program also helps the CRA provide training for their staff. This year, the program has 110 volunteers who were trained in February to prepare for the tax season. They will collectively file more than 1,000 returns.

According to program co-ordinator Alexandra Zarnowski, helping students file their tax returns is a great way to learn the ins and outs of taxation.

“Volunteers get great experience filing taxes, and learn to understand the process,” Zarnowski said. “If you’re in accounting classes, it gives you a better background on the information you’re learning.”

The program has eligibility requirements and is tailored for people with limited incomes. Individuals must earn less than $30,000 a year, or couples must have a combined income less than $45,000. You can not own real estate and or be self-employed.

Students are not the only ones who may meet the requirements for the program. All campus staff and faculty may apply.

The service is available until March 28.

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