New master’s in business and public policy

By Tendayi Moyo

Next September, the University of Calgary will become the first university in Canada to offer a combined master’s degree in business administration and public policy.

Robert Mansell, the academic director of the School of Public Policy, said the program will teach students the management skills employers are looking for.

“It will appeal to those people who are interested in jobs in the private sector that understand that policy is now a key element of business success,” Mansell said. “And in the public sector, those that want the MBA skills. Because these are big organizations and you need the skills to manage them.”

The master’s program will take two and a half years to complete rather than the three years it would take to complete the programs separately.

Administration is hoping to offer the first class in September of 2014.

Director of MBA programs, Michael Wright, said the process could be expedited because they are combining existing programs and do not need to create new courses.

Wright added that the program is an important prospect for Calgary.

“We think it’s a great opportunity for students,” Wright said. “It’s a great opportunity for Calgary to be on the map with an innovative program. We have high hopes for it.”

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