SU looks for cash after referendum voted down

The Students’ Union will look elsewhere for the $155 million needed to re-develop MacHall after students voted no to paying for the project themselves.

During this year’s student election, over 60 per cent of undergrads who voted said no to a new $35 per semester fee for the re-development of MacHall.

“In terms of funding the building, I think that students are just weary of fees at this point,” said SU president Raphael Jacob.

The SU is now looking at the University of Calgary’s 50th anniversary fundraiser and the provincial government as possible sources of funding.

Regardless of where the money comes from, Jacob said the SU does not plan to cede control of MacHall.

“We will continue to operate the building regardless of how the renovations play out,” Jacob said.

When surveyed in 2012, four out of five U of C students said they were willing to pay some money for the project.

Because of this, the SU believed students would vote in favour of funding the re-development.

“It is far easier to say that you would be willing to pay for something, instead of actually having to and when the decisions come down to it, to actually follow through,” Jacob said.

MacHall construction projects already confirmed, such as the relocation of the loading dock, will be unaffected by the no vote.

“The loading dock is on a separate funding envelope. The university will be paying for the loading dock itself,” Jacob said.

First opened in 1967, MacHall is now 45 years old. It brings the SU $11 million in revenue every year.