University upgrades weak campus Wi-Fi

By Diltaj Atwal

A review of the University of Calgary’s Wi-Fi shows that only the Taylor Family Digital Library and the Energy Environment Experiential Learning buildings have reliable access to the university’s Internet signal.

Students’ Union president Jarett Henry said Campus Information Technologies sent out a survey about Wi-Fi after they recognized the need to address the poor signal on the rest of campus.

Campus IT will first address Wi-Fi in MacHall.

Short-term upgrades will be funded by the SU’s Quality Money program, which approved $180,000 for the project. Long-term Wi-Fi fixes will be funded through campus IT.

“A big success is that Campus IT received funding this year from the university to address growing infrastructure problems and wireless Internet on campus. They’re actually undertaking a long-term plan to renovate all the spaces on campus. So they won’t be needing the Quality Money Program we initially thought might be an option for them,” Henry said.

Renovations are slated to finish in September.

“I think it affects both student life and our ability to succeed in our academics. And I think it’s important for the reputation of the university as well,” Henry said.

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