New music: The Sturgeons

By Kate Jacobson

Straight from the Canadian Prairies, the Sturgeons make music that is equal parts nostalgia and Canadiana. As a folk album, This Is typifies the charm of the genre — music that is honest, frank and unashamed of where it comes from.

The album opens with “Someone to Love,” a song that evokes images of barn dances and campfires. It’s a style that completes the album’s approach. Like most good folk music, the album sounds completely familiar and absolutely new at the same time.

Songs like “The Stone” and “Just The Start” are where the album hits its stride, with a consistent foot-tapping beat and expressive lyrics.

“Light Shade Of Blue” is proof that folk music has something to offer besides guitar chords and harmonicas. Trite lyrics aside, the slower pace is a welcome change from the middle of the album and makes the finale of upbeat songs more dynamic.

The album finishes strong with “Rock & Roll,” a song that exudes energy and displays a real love of other folk artists and local music. Combined with a slow, steady beat, it’s a perfect culmination to an album that is proud to be from the Canadian Prairies.

Musically, This Is doesn’t change the genre. But their tunes are charming and they make you want to two-step. If you’re going to make folk music, you can only hope to do it as well as the Sturgeons.


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