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Spun: Natacha Atlas

By Ken Clarke

Arabic and European vocal virtuoso Natacha Atlas’s ninth recording is further proof that music is the universal language. Mounqaliba roughly translates from Arabic as “in a state of reversal” and has certain political connotations. Aside from several English language sound bite interludes from social theorist Peter Joseph, the entire album’s lyrics (save one cover song)… Continue reading Spun: Natacha Atlas

U of C professor wins Juno award

By Sean Sullivan

University of Calgary professor Allan Bell, acting director of the School of Creative and Performing Arts won a Juno award for Classical Composition of the Year on Sunday, March 30, for his composition “Field Notes” with the Land’s End Chamber Ensemble. Bell was up against Montreal composer James O’Callaghan for “Isomorphia for Orchestra and Electronics,”… Continue reading U of C professor wins Juno award

Letters to the editor

RE: Facebook fanatacism Regarding the recent hate speech brouhaha concerning a certain U of C student of Palestinian Arab ancestry, I would address a few salient points that the Gauntlet regrettably overlooked. Whether the odious comments — purportedly intended as “creative writing” — constituted hate speech or not, they definitely resulted from very poor judgment… Continue reading Letters to the editor

The wrong call on secondary suites

By Sarelle Azuelos

And the unfortunate secondary suite saga continues. On Monday, city council once again pushed back the vote to legalize secondary suites until further research is conducted. This cycle of introducing the issue, promising change and then postponing any meaningful policy has been ongoing for over half a decade. City council is out of touch with… Continue reading The wrong call on secondary suites

Gauntlet Corrections

By Brent Constantin

While we strive to provide a service of reporting accurate campus news, occasionally we at the Gauntlet will get some of our facts wrong. The following is a list of mistakes we’ve made this year: A Feb. 17 article in the food and beverage section of the Gauntlet inaccurately listed asbestos as an ingredient in… Continue reading Gauntlet Corrections

Musical Evil Dead a bloody good time

By Lisa Nguyen

Rebecca Northan, who stars as Annie in Evil Dead: The Musical, found her love of theatre doing improvisation in Calgary’s own Loose Moose Theatre when she was 16 and it remains one of her favourite venues to perform in. A professor once told Northan, a University of Calgary drama graduate, about the importance of getting… Continue reading Musical Evil Dead a bloody good time

Underground artists inspire intrigue

By Amanda Hu

Delivering a new and far more literal meaning to the term, “underground cinema,” La Mexicaine de Perforation has inspired intrigue and confusion since its public discovery in 2004. The elusive group has performed various acts of clandestine artistry throughout Paris, managing to set up an entire functioning film theatre in the abandoned caverns below the… Continue reading Underground artists inspire intrigue