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Mentality of the mob

By Adam McArthur

‘Are they getting louder or just dumber?’ “Dumber, sir.” That would be Mayor Quimby questioning an aide if the crowd outside his office were as unbelievable as they sounded. They wanted the “Bear Patrol” but didn’t want to pay the “Bear Tax.” The solution, or perhaps the problem, was too many immigrants keeping taxes too… Continue reading Mentality of the mob

Detaining Canadians

By Adam McArthur

What if it was you? More importantly, what if it was me? Locked up overseas, away from everything that mattered, unaware who was working to find answers for you, or if you would ever know freedom again. It was not myself, and it was not you, either. Maybe that is why Maher Arar flew relatively… Continue reading Detaining Canadians