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Learning to accept personalities of taste

By Katalina Watt

A large part of our self-definition comes from our artistic tastes and the reasons we value them. Our tastes add to our personalities and relationships in unexpected ways. While they are an important part of who we are, tastes are not a replacement for other parts of a social self-identity, particularly because people often like… Continue reading Learning to accept personalities of taste

Genetically modified food labelling

By Tamara Cottle

For most of human history, the way we have eaten hasn’t changed much. Hunting and gathering has been the predominant food system employed for most of the 250,000 years of human existence. Agriculture came into practice roughly 10,000 years ago. Only 16 years ago, a new and revolutionary product started appearing on people’s plates. Unbeknownst… Continue reading Genetically modified food labelling

The Funk Brothers Keep Motown Alive

By Ken Clarke

If you’ve ever listened to a radio, you’ve heard the Funk Brothers, the most prolific hit machine in music history. In 1959, music producer Berry Gordy amassed the most talented blues and jazz musicians in Detroit for his now-famous label Motown Records, which quickly became known as “Hitsville U.S.A.” The Funk Brothers were the label’s… Continue reading The Funk Brothers Keep Motown Alive

Sarah Palin preaches to the choir

By Kim Nursall

The curtains opened on a full house this past Saturday night, with the star of the show, Sarah Palin, set to make her first appearance in Canada — aptly in the Conservative stronghold of Calgary. Right-wing political figures filled the BMO Centre: I passed by Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith, disappointedly viewed the Treasury Board’s… Continue reading Sarah Palin preaches to the choir

Acceptable Sexuality

By RG Scherf

For all that traditional feminist thought gets right, there are things that upcoming thinkers are determined to change. One of those things is, some people believe, a wrongheaded view of pornography.A long time ago, I found myself interested enough in feminism to take several women’s studies courses at the U of C and was simultaneously… Continue reading Acceptable Sexuality

Celebrate Bisexuality

By Marilane Koutis

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day, a day for bisexuals across the globe to celebrate their diversity and pride. This day is sprouting into a healthy entity onto its own, and it summons creativity and self-expression. It is a day to celebrate the diversity and fluidity in sexuality. While most people walking hand in hand… Continue reading Celebrate Bisexuality

Jonny Sootentai takes the stage and a new label

By Falice Chin

Imagine being 19 years old and starting up your own record label while promoting your own shows. It requires a lot of dedication and hard-work, and Calgary’s own hip-hop crew Jonny Sootentai is up for the challenge. With four emcees and one producer under the name of Top Shelf Records, the group is determined to… Continue reading Jonny Sootentai takes the stage and a new label


By Ivan Danielewicz

When a band gets signed to a major label it usually means they have something interesting to bring to the table or they happen to fit in with the current trends of music. Borialis’ new release, What You Thought You Heard, fits neither of those categories. Trying to land somewhere between an off-shoot of Limp… Continue reading Borialis