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Barb Wright

Pros • Is open and available to students • Professionally and personally accountable Cons • Led the botched tuition consultation • Ineffective lobbying • Stagnant approach to governance • Overly concerned with approval    &nbspBarb Wright is by far her own worst enemy. She keeps herself constantly accountable–which is a good trait of course–but so much so… Continue reading Barb Wright

Wright wins, White "protests"

With almost 40 per cent of the votes, Barb Wright beat seven candidates to become Students’ Union President. "I’m relieved. Surprised. Relieved," said Wright after the election results were posted last Friday. Wright expressed relief over both the end of the election and the winners of the Vice-presidential races. "I am extremely happy about the… Continue reading Wright wins, White "protests"

Canada’s Women set up for consolation round in Dageu

By Barb Wright

With round-robin play coming to an end today at the Universiade games, Canada’s women’s volleyball team has a lot to look back on in their two days off before the medal and consolation rounds start on Thursday. After losses to Spain and South Korea in the first two games, and a strong win over Hong… Continue reading Canada’s Women set up for consolation round in Dageu

Differential Tuition

By Barb Wright

With the Board of Governors meeting quickly approaching, and with differential tuition on the table, student support for the SU will be an important asset in their campaign and their lobbying. While the committee is split on the actual merits of differential tuition–in many ways, it makes sense on a conceptual level–the current model proposed… Continue reading Differential Tuition

Differential tuition

By Barb Wright

It seems that it is only a matter of time before tuition differentiation will start at the University of Calgary.“It’s hitting Canada like a wave,” said Students’ Union Vice-President External Nick Vuckovic. “Administrations are looking at it, but students need to mobilize to stop this trend.”Students in Ontario universities–where differential tuition is in place–pay different… Continue reading Differential tuition

Controversial CASA conference

By James Keller

It is with caution that five Student’s Union delegates term a national lobby conference hosted by the Canadian Alliance of Students’ Associations in Ottawa a “success.”The purpose of the conference, attended by SU President Barb Wright, Vice-President External Oliver Bladek, VP Academic Nic Porco and External Commissioners David Rassin and Erin Welk, was to bring… Continue reading Controversial CASA conference

SU tuition townhall

By Eric Fung

Differential tuition was the hot topic on this agenda.University of Calgary Students’ Union executives presented a townhall on Tue., March 26 to discuss differential tuition, which entails different programs charging different amounts of tuition."The SU thinks that there shouldn’t be a differentiation between students of different faculties," said SU President Barb Wright. "The differences should… Continue reading SU tuition townhall

Ensure your voice is heard this election

By Barb Wright

Get out and vote March 13, 14, and 15th! It’s Students’ Union General Election time again, and this year it’s more important than ever to get out vote. With a new university president in his first year, provincial government funding woes, and proposals for new directions at the University of Calgary, the voice of students… Continue reading Ensure your voice is heard this election