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Dinner and a comedy

By Bebe Vocong

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive," best describes the underlying theme in Run For Your Wife. This comedy tells the story of John Smith (J. Sean Elliot), a seemingly ordinary British taxi driver whose double life slowly unravels after a simple heroic deed. John has been living in… Continue reading Dinner and a comedy

More is something

By Bebe Vocong

Finally, a movie that depicts the trials and tribulations of adult relationships and love as realistically as possible without losing the humour. It is refreshing to watch a film in which the main character, a self described loser, does not have to go through an improbable transformation in order to find love and happiness. The… Continue reading More is something

Simply smashing

By Bebe Vocong

Here Comes the Bride, the Spin Doctors’ latest album could not be a more appropriate title for this New York band’s fourth effort. It is the name of the first track on the CD and epitomizes the music and new image of this Grammy-nominated band. "Something old/… something new/… something borrowed/and something blue." The old… Continue reading Simply smashing