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U of C Auction goodness

By Mary Chan

University of Calgary President Terry White is taking a page from recent entertainment headlines to solve chronic university underfunding. Inspired by Ricky Martin, White began auctioning personal articles of clothing online Tuesday. "I read in the paper that Ricky Martin got over $4,000 for his pants," explained White, who is auctioning off a pair of… Continue reading U of C Auction goodness

Loading dock being moved in re-development

By Reem Ghaleb

MacHall’s loading dock will be relocated from the south to the north side of the building in the next 3–5 years as part of the MacHall redevelopment plan. “This is long term so there are no immediate plans whatsoever,” said vice-president of facilities management and development Bob Ellard. “The first phase of any development would… Continue reading Loading dock being moved in re-development

Canadian literature and identity

By Tamara Cottle

Canadian writer Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes and Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada was in Calgary last weekend for the Calgary Public Library’s annual One Book, One Calgary event. The event is the library’s city-wide reading initiative. His award-winning novel, The Book of Negroes, was chosen… Continue reading Canadian literature and identity

Flames face changes and challenges in 2013–14

By Ashton Chugh

With last season’s departure of Jarome Iginla and the recent retirement of Miikka Kiprusoff, the Calgary Flames are a team in search of a new identity. With a roster that will see some major changes for the 2013–14 National Hockey League season, this year has the potential to be an interesting one. With the Flames… Continue reading Flames face changes and challenges in 2013–14

Federal government loses student loan information

By Riley Hill

The Department of Human Resources and Skill Development Canada announced on Jan. 16 that they had lost a portable hard drive containing the data of 583,000 Canadians who took out student loans between 2000–06. 
 The lost data of Canadian Student Loans Program clients include social insurance numbers, contact information, dates of birth and loan… Continue reading Federal government loses student loan information

Upgrading the heart of campus

By Erick Maleko

On October 11, the University of Calgary unveiled its proposed master plan to overhaul MacEwan Student Centre. The plan is still in the consultation process, however, it proposes MSC become a state-of-the-art building with added space, flow and improved services for students.
 A town hall meeting was held on October 11 to collect students’ ideas… Continue reading Upgrading the heart of campus

Past its prime

By Alex Hamilton

McMahon Stadium is the least impressive of Calgary’s major entertainment venues. Although the over 50-year-old stadium has hosted a variety of marquee events — from the 1988 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies to the NHL Heritage Classic last year — it clearly shows its age. Cities across Canada are upgrading or replacing their football venues… Continue reading Past its prime

Baseball photography captures history

By Taylor McKee

Baseball and its history, often induce fans into a dewy-eyed melodrama. Even if the idea of watching a baseball game is unfathomable, baseball photography depicts a riveting history that The Big Show displays in a soulful manner that would catch anyone’s eye. A nbl regular baseball season lasts 162 games over roughly 183 days. The… Continue reading Baseball photography captures history