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Dinos witness Pandamonium

By Bogle and Selnes

The Dinos women’s soccer team continued to steadily improve, pulling off another tie and a victory, advancing their record to 5-2-4 Oct. 15-16. The battle of Alberta kicked off the weekend, supplying fans with all the name-calling, cat-fighting and general animosity one would expect in a game between these cross-province rivals. Both teams played a… Continue reading Dinos witness Pandamonium

The changing face of student activism

By Katy Anderson

Tuition will cost you an extra 230 dollars next year for ten courses. In the recent past, tuition increases have stopped traffic and taken the shirts off students’ backs-literally. The Alberta Post-Secondary Learning act requires universities to meet with their student associations before the final decision to raise-or not raise-tuition. In the past, students have… Continue reading The changing face of student activism

A year’s worth of news in review

By Natalie Vacha

Federal budget good for students A $3.2 billion government-spending package to create a “knowledge advantage,” was announced Tues., March 20, and included an additional $800 million in funding for post-secondary education. The package included increased funding to graduate programs, elimination of limits on education savings plans, millions in research money and support for international students.… Continue reading A year’s worth of news in review

First rez, next the world!

By Emily Senger

Three rez kids will lead the Students’ Union next year, though they promise not to do it wearing pajama pants and flip-flops. Three of the five executive elected in the SU general election are members of the Residence Students’ Association, including president-elect Julie Bogle, who edged out her nearest competitor by a mere 20 votes.… Continue reading First rez, next the world!

Election SWAT

By Chris Beauchamp

Every candidate in the Students’ Union election aims to create an eye-catching poster to snag the attention of the average student voter. And each year, as the nominations close, most candidates are already on the phone to their friends stationed around the “prime” poster locations, giving them the go-ahead to drop their furled banners like… Continue reading Election SWAT

Midterm Review: Women’s Soccer

By Selnes and Bogle

TalentThere was no shortage of talent on the Dinos’ lineup this year. They were anchored by Canadian national team goalie Taryn Swiatek, who was a Canada West First-Team All-Star. The Dinos boasted several other standouts, including the elusive defenseman Renae Hunter and the marvelous midfielder Jessica Horning, both of whom also received CW recognition.EffortThe Dinos… Continue reading Midterm Review: Women’s Soccer