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New Canada Research Chairs

By Bonnie Leung

Ready for more research? Five additional Canada Research Chairs have been appointed at the University of Calgary, bringing the total to 30 chairs awarded to date. The crc Program was established in 2000 by the Canadian Government to provide $900 million to 2,000 university and hospital researchers across Canada. "The key objective of the crc… Continue reading New Canada Research Chairs

The day the earth stood still

By Andrea Bundon

Students crowded around televisions in hallways and classrooms on Tuesday, mesmerized by footage of the collapsing twin towers of the World Trade Center. "I was absolutely horrified… it was just such a shock," said Bonnie Leung, Vice President Finance of the Political Science Association. "You would never think something of this magnitude would hit the… Continue reading The day the earth stood still

Expansion update

By Bonnie Leung

Expansion negotiations and redevelopment of the University of Calgary MacEwan Students Centre will continue during the summer months.According to Students’ Union Vice-president Finance and Operations Amanda Affonso, students can expect to see a new staircase as well as new kiosks in the food court.“The staircase will open April 15,” she said. “The new food kiosks… Continue reading Expansion update

I wanna be like Jean

By Bonnie Leung

The Magna Scholarship Fund is offering its annual $10,000 As Prime Minister Awards to students across Canada to come up with new ideas to improve the country. According to Magna of Canada Scholarships Managing Director Joan Crocker, students can enter the competition until June 5. "Students write an essay whichis 2,500 words," she said. "After… Continue reading I wanna be like Jean

Students sell coffee to go to Ghana

By Bonnie Leung

For students having a hard time staying awake in class, there is a new solution. University of Calgary students, in conjunction with the Development Studies Club, are selling Fair Trade coffee from February to April 2000 as a fundraiser to Ghana. According to Development Studies Club President Peggy Holroyd, money raised will go towards paying… Continue reading Students sell coffee to go to Ghana

Redevelopment claims Banana

By Bonnie Leung

MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment plans will be completed by the end of March to mid-April, according to the University of Calgary Students’ Union. SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Amanda Affonso says many changes have been made in MSC, using the $245,000 allocated for the renovations. "Travel Cuts has been moved right across from Max’s," she… Continue reading Redevelopment claims Banana

U of C launches CORE lobby

By Bonnie Leung

The University of Calgary unveiled its latest lobbying campaign, the U of C Coalition for Reinvestment, on Mon., Feb. 7. CORE is comprised of the Alumni Association, the Graduate Students’ Association, the U of C Senate, the Students’ Union, the U of C Faculty Association, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and the U of… Continue reading U of C launches CORE lobby